A big part of any celebration is the birthday cake. So it’s important to get something that your guy will appreciate and enjoy.

There are so many different types of cakes including:

  • mud
  • cheese
  • mousse
  • tarts
  • banana
  • carrot
  • white chocolate
  • sticky date pudding
  • pavlova

The list goes on! Find out what you’re man likes (if you don’t know already) and plan accordingly. Although if it’s for a big group, play it safe and go with something that will please the majority of guests.

Buying a birthday cake

Here are some of the best places we recommend to buy a special cake.

Chef Momos – the most delicious cakes in Melbourne, Karen and Ily are super friendly and have a range of tasty treats for birthdays and other occasions. They also have a delivery service to make the process even easier.

Sweet Designs by Claire – located just out of Melbourne (in Geelong) these guys have some great themed cakes that are perfect for birthday parties. Selections include footy cakes, Sesame Street characters, cute animals and lots more. And they taste great!


Making a Birthday Cake

If you have the time and creativity, you might decide to design and bake your own cake. Here are some good resources for birthday cake ideas.

Mumtastic – slides with photos of interesting cakes that look impressive but are actually not too much effort to bake them

Six Sister Stuff – 50 different designs which are great birthday cake ideas. These include pizza cake, basketball theme, lego, and my personal favourite, the camping cake.