Car Cleaning Products

car-detailing-picMost guys love their car, so a gift that can be used for his “wheels” is one that he will always love. Whether he’s 18 or 50, most guys own cars and are fairly passionate about them. One of the most important features of his vehicle is ensuring that it looks good. So that means keeping it clean!

There are a range of car cleaning products on the market, with varying prices to suit all budgets. So if you only want to spend $10 or want to spend $100, there will be something ideal you can choose. Super Cheap Auto is a great place to find products for cars, as well as Auto Barn. But check out the local suppliers in your area to find the best place.

In terms of cleaning products, at the lower end you might want to consider sponges, chamois and wipes. Squeegees are also a good idea, and if he ever becomes unemployed, this will be perfect for him! Imagine him at the lights on Hoddle Street, holding up his squeegee, making a few bucks for wiping down someones windscreen. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

There’s a wide range of degreasers and cleaners available too, which can wipe of dirt from cars keep it looking good. And for the perfect finish, take a look at waxes and polishes. Air care sprays and vents can be used to freshen up his car, and if you’re not sure what to get, a gift care pack will have a selection of items for him.

Car Suspension Products

Something even better than keeping your car look ultra nice is making it run even better. There are many upgrades one can perform to their car to optimise it even better for the road. This might include helping suspension, breaks, power steering, air bags or a range of kits. Here are some of the best places to buy car products for a gift:

Pedders Suspension – the car suspension specialists

Snake Racing – specialising in 4×4 suspension and other car enhancements

Car Detailing Gift Vouchers

car-cleaning-picIf the guy you’re buying a present for isn’t the ‘do it yourself’ type, but still loves his car, you might look at buying him a detailing service. Professional detailers do a fantastic job in making cars look their best, by implementing an array of strategies. From a high pressure rinse, to cleaning windows, wheels, wheel arches, seats, ash trays, mats and more, a car detailing service is an excellent investment. A popular one is a wash, wax and shampoo, but if you’re looking to really treat the guy, an interior detail is important.

A number of companies offer vouchers which you can buy, so that you can surprise your man with the present. He can then take in his vehicle for the car detailing whenever it suits him. A full detail can cost a couple of hundred dollars, but the finish is amazing. And it will last for a number of months and help keep the car at a high quality. For a simple wash and wax with an interior vacuum you’re looking at around $50-80.

Remember, a male prefers presents that are practical rather than thoughtful. So whatever option you choose, if the guy is a typical male who loves his car, chances are he will like the gift!