Buying gifts to do with food and beverage is a great idea. Everyone loves to eat and drink, so these type of gifts are usually a success. But as well as deciding you want to get a foodie/drinkie gift, you then have to hone in on exactly what you’ll get.

Some of the easier gifts include:

  • bottle of wine or spirit
  • food hamper (particularly for Xmas)
  • alcohol glasses
  • cutlery set
  • restaurant voucher

But we can do better than that. If you are very close to the recipient and want to spend a bit more, here’s some more adventurous ideas.

home-barA home bar

Sounds excessive but this can be a really great gift. It gives the person a great place to store all their alcohol, and people love standing behind a bar to serve their friends drinks when they’re entertaining. Obviously if they live in an apartment or small house this isn’t ideal…in that case maybe consider a wine rack?

Recommended places to buy: – This has a range of bars from small to big with varying prices to suit all budgets. – Mobile bars which you can setup at events, or just use in your home

automatic-coffee-machineAn automatic coffee machine

Most people love coffee, and drink it regularly. And having a high quality machine not only makes it easier (and safer) to make your caffeinated beverages, but also results in nicer tasting coffee! Technology has come a long way from the old kettle on the stove, and machines now have cutting edge features such as hourly production capacity, automatic milk frother, preground coffee inlet, hot water bypass, and lots more.

Recommended places to buy: – Official distributor of some of the leading coffee machine brands, such as Carimali. Very reputable company, with an amazing range of machines. – Specialists with espresso machines, they also sell beans and more.

More food and beverage gift ideas coming soon.