When buying a present for your boyfriend or male spouse, it is very important that you choose wisely. Buying a romantic gift is usually important, especially if it is a growing relationship or the occasion is very special. Plus it’s a great way of showing him that you love him! Some of the most regular special occassions are his birthday, christmas, and of course Valentines Day.

Buying a romantic gift for a man can be quite difficult. Since men tend to like things that are more physical, it is better to get him something that is useful (as well as sweet), rather than something that is temporary like a dinner or a health spa, or even worse, something that he doesn’t use at all.

If you’re worried about him not liking a gift, then why not get something for him that you’ll like! A perfect idea for this is curtains or blinds. Some fashionable window coverings can look all romantic but can actually be more about you. Choose blinds that you like and will go with the theme of your bedroom. As long as they aren’t too girly he should love them with all his heart! I recently got roman blinds installed from these guys and could not be happier with the result! And if in doubt, shut them and give your man another present in private!


Some good romantic gift ideas are toiletries. The modern man is becoming more focused on grooming and a nice bottle
of aftershave is both romantic and useful. If your partner is into jewellery then a watch, bracelet or chain might be
the ideal present for him. Trendy underwear is a very useful gift that is also intimate and shows you care. And his favourite box of chocolates is always a safe bet, you know they will get eaten!

Jewellery is also seen as very romantic. Even if your man doesn’t traditionally wear it, a nice subtle classy necklace can be a great idea. Assume he will only take it out for special occassions but he might get used to it and it will become a regular part of his wardrobe!

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As well as jewellery such as rings and necklaces, clothing accessories are nice too, and a lot safer. Items such as belts, cufflinks, ties all make great gifts with a little bit of romance.


If you want to be really romantic, why not get him trauma cover to show him that you care for his health and financial security. Nothing says I love you more than a policy protecting his well being 😉

Sexual Gifts for Men

Sometimes you can take a romantic gift one step further and make it into a sexual gift. This can be a very alluring present for the special guy in your life and also spice up the sex life. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying him a porno dvd or blow up doll. There are lots of sexy romantic gifts on the market that can be used as a couple, and help heat things up in the bedroom while showing him you really care!

Massage Oil:

Getting your man a trendy bottle of massage oil is a beautiful gift, especially if you also include some free massages in the present! Nothing revitalises the body and mind like a good massage, and scented oil is the perfect way to do this. Trust me, he’ll love it!

Sex Coupons:

Your man may not cut out grocery coupons from the paper however you can be sure he’ll hang on to these hot sex coupons which allows him certain “priveleges” to use when the time is right. And for a guy that means always!

The Naughty Knot:

This is a great present, as you become the present! Wrap yourself up in the sexy knot and become a very sexy gift idea for your partner.

Cross Dressing:

If your man likes to wear ladies fashion, maybe buy him some womens designer clothing to help him enjoy his differences. Always a great gift for the confused male.

Good Head Gel:

One of the best sexual enhancers on the market, this mint flavoured gel makings for incredible oral sex. It tastes good to you, and is very pleasurable for your guy!

Sexual Positions Book:

The Definitive Book of Sexual Positions showcases every position you could imagine, along with some you would never have thought about, ever! It is fun, brings you together as a couple, and makes for a very entertaining present as you try out some of the spots!