auction-items“Used” presents can sometimes have a negative connotation, but there are a number of things you can give as gifts that don’t need to be brand new. These can include furniture, jewellery, household appliances and even collectibles. Auction houses are a great place to find second hand goods that are of high quality.

An important thing to note, on top of the winning price you also must pay a ‘buyers premium’. This goes to the auction house and is usally 18% (including GST) but can vary from place to place.

Some good auction houses where you might find some great gifts include:

Some good auction tips:

  • Know the true value of the item you’re looking at
  • Make sure it is in good enough condition to give as a gift
  • Don’t bid too early, wait until the last minute
  • Have a limit…don’t get carried away
  • Factor in the buyers premium