It is thought that no matter what the occassion, it is better to buy a guy something that you’re absolutely sure he’s going to use. Despite how boring it may seem, if it’s something he will use, it’s a winner! This is different from women, as they will feel cared for when a guy gets her a gift based on other things that she likes. It shows effort and intent which makes the gift seem more thoughtful, and the more he spends, the more touched she’ll be.

But this isn’t the case with guys. They will be a lot more touched by that $10 bottle opener that he’ll use every day rather than a $300 suede jacket that will end up at the back of his wardrobe because it’s not his style. Another important thing is don’t try and surprise him. The likelihood of surprising him with something he didn’t know he wanted is almost zero so don’t even bother trying. He knows the things he wants, so suss it out without giving too much away, and get a gift that you know he wants and will use. Trust me, I’m a guy!

Here are a number of gift ideas that your man (or friend) will actually love and use.

Heart Rate Watch

This is a great present for any guy who is active in sports or likes to keep fit. It’s perfect for when he
spends time at the gym and will assist in his workouts and help him keep in shape.

Fitness Classes

Most guys like to be active and look after themselves, so fitness classes are a great idea as a gift. This way they are motivated to regularly work out, and with Dancefitzone
you can choose fitness regimes such as Boot Camp and Boxing Classes. These
guy are located in Sydney so if you’re from somewhere else in Australia, look for a suitable fitness company near you.

Blister Prevention Pads

If your guy is sporty or spends lots of time on his feet for work, this is the perfect present. Rubbing and friction is the primary cause of blisters
and any guy who runs a lot or wears heavy work boots knows how painful they can be. Blisterproof is a great little gift that can prevent blisters from
forming on your foot, heel or hand, and only cost a few bucks!

Full Length Footed Pyjamas

Winters in Australia get very cold so keeping warm and cosy at night is not something to be sneezed at! While it’s true
that a lot of guys are happy to sleep in boxer shorts and a tshirt, truth be told is that they would love to
be warmer and drop the whole macho act. Whether he wants blue, purple, red dots, black and white bows or yellow ducks, the choice is yours. These pjs come with a hoodie and butt flap and you can even send them fully packaged in a lovely gift box.

Wine Accessories

Most guys love alcohol and if they have any type of class, then they will drink at least the odd bottle of wine.
This means buying some wine accessories can be a great gift idea. My suggestions include electric wine openers,
wine chillers, buckets, stoppers and pourers, all of which are under $50.


I wouldn’t recommend buying Kyle Sandilands, but there are a number of other tools you could get that would make a
great gift for your boyfriend, father, son or male companion. I’m not a big tool buff myself, but if you go to
Bunnings Warehouse you will see a great range of tools, and from that you can select something that you think he
will actually use and benefit from.

Video Games

You may not want to buy your guy video games, because he’ll turn into a lazy slob. But thanks to modern technology,
video games are becoming more interactive, giving you a full body workout from the comfort of you living room. One
such product is Microsoft’s new Xbox Kinect which tracks
48 points of the body, to make it the most real experience ever brought to a computer game.

Another new player in the motion sensor technology game is Sony, who have come out with their version called the
Playstation Move. It uses bluetooth technology to detect movements and has cool games such as US Navy Seals and Sports
Champion. The Playstation Move has the ability to capture
movement more advanced than the Nintendo Wii, and could become the most popular system on the market.

Magazine Subscription

A lot of guys don’t read books but they love magazines. So this can be a great gift. And the best thing is, it’s a
gift that keeps giving, as they receive a new magazine every month for a whole year. There are magazines out there
for ANY enthusiast, such as car lovers, golfers, pet lovers, music buffs and more! So find the right one for him
and give him a year’s worth of ongoing joy.